"Of the hard-working cast, Rowlands is especially fun to watch as the wily fox, RP-intoning cricket and cockney ringmaster. "

The Stage


"One star in particular stole the show for us – Rosie Rowlands as the cricket (who cannot do the Macarena!), the cunning fox and the cockney Ringmaster is a ball of energy! She’s confident, entertaining, a seamless role shifter, and has got some serious pipes on her too."


"Rosie Rowland’s Little Mermaid is full of lively curiosity and the courage that comes from first love."


''...a wonderful show by a merry band of acrobatic performers, all extremely likable with stand-alone characters and some impressive stunts which impressed a happy audience... Our favourites were the Hanging Hoop Girl with her fantastic flexibility...''

Yorkshire Evening Post


​"Rosie quite simply has the wow-factor. Her slender, elegant figure mesmerizes audiences as she moves fluidly through space and time with her characteristic charm and finesse. Her unparalleled dedication to her art sets her well above the rest as a top quality, superior addition to any performance or event. Unforgettable displays from a warm and delightful personality."

​​Lady Alex, Wam Bam Club


“I've had the pleasure of working with Rosie on a number of occasions. Not only is she one of the most talented people at what she does but she does it in a very professional, relaxed and friendly manner. When things don't go according to plan, which happens a lot in the events industry, Rosie keeps a cool head and gets the job done. We have employed her as the main act of our show and I wouldn't be scared to do it again. She is extremely high spirited and a delight to work with.”​

Barney Sutton, Director of 'Bearded Kitten' interactive entertainment company.​


​“We’ve had excellent feed-back from a very large number of people, nearly all of whom have said how much they particularly enjoyed the ‘circus performances’ section of the event and how special it was– and indeed it was...a truly first class and utterly professional job”

​Rod Natkiel, Co-Chairman and Co-Producer of Variety’s Christmas Lunch 2012.